Founded in 2002 by former CME floor traders, Allston Trading is one of the world's leading electronic trading and market-making firms, providing liquidity in global energy, commodity and financial futures markets. Allston is owned by its current and former employees, a retired founder, and long-term institutional backers Sequoia Capital and Francisco Partners. We are proud of our track record through multiple macro-economic cycles and an ever-evolving landscape of technology, regulation and market structure. We have attracted and retained many of the industry's best and brightest trading, analytical and technology professionals.


To become the industry leading market-making firm by creating an environment where innovative and collaborative professionals thrive.

Our Core Competencies

Breadth of Market-Making Capabilities

Market makers stand ready to buy and sell a particular product. We play a critical role in keeping financial markets running efficiently by accepting risk in order to provide liquidity to market participants. As a result, liquidity risk is reduced, allowing participants to enter and exit the market more quickly and cost-efficiently, whether their objective is to manage risk or take a position in a particular asset class. 

Allston makes markets across a wide range of asset classes (interest rates, energy and agricultural commodities) and instruments (futures, options, outrights, spreads and more complex products). We provide liquidity through multiple channels such as electronic exchanges and call-around markets.

Proprietary Technology

Allston invests significant R&D capital in its proprietary technology to support its market-making and risk management across multiple asset classes. Moreover, the firm has made a substantial further investment in the development of a sophisticated quantitative trading research platform.

Financial Discipline

Allston is committed to financial discipline through maintaining a conservative balance sheet, emphasizing return on capital across business lines, and retaining profits to fund growth.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Allston observes the highest level of compliance and corporate governance. We accomplish this thanks to the leadership of our highly qualified management team and our Board of Managers.  Allston invests in comprehensive surveillance tools and follows industry best practices.

Risk Management

Allston creates value through effective risk management. Our risk management protocols include rigorous internal controls, limits and scenario analysis.

Corporate Culture

Headquartered in Chicago, we also have offices in New York, Houston, and London.

Allston is composed of a tightly knit group of talented people united by the common goal of advancing our knowledge of trading and technology. We're serious about our values of Trust, Community, Collaboration, Candor and Accountability. Allston maintains a flat organizational structure and the entrepreneurial spirit by which we were founded. As a result, employees enjoy a rewarding, fun, challenging and collaborative work environment.